A breathable cotton cover helps circulate air away from your body, keeping you comfortably cool.


Why You Need Good Blankets

There are many blanket fabrics as well as color and model variations. So, what are the types of blanket fabrics that are so important for winter days? In terms of content diversity; acrylic, polyester and cotton blankets can be preferred. In terms of both ease of use and keeping you warm.

Mink Blanket

The word mink means “fur”. However, mink blankets are not made of fur. This type of blanket is called mink because it is as soft as fur and keeps you warm. One of the important things about the mink blanket is that only if the raw material used in these blankets is of good quality, they may be qualified as quality. Mink blankets require delicate washing. Bleaching materials should not be used for cleaning and the blankets should not be left wet.

Mink blankets are usually produced using acrylic and polyester. In their production, 15% polyester and 85% acrylic which provide soft texture and warmth are used. The mink blankets are produced with high-quality acrylic and they do not make any electrification in addition to keeping you soft and warm.

Cotton Blanket

Cotton blankets are one of the indispensable types of blankets of winter days due to their soft and comfortable fabrics. You can have a comfortable sleeping experience by choosing the cotton blanket model that suits your taste. In addition, the cotton TV blanket, which has become the fashion of recent times, does not make you feel alone while enjoying. This type of blanket is usually woven on dobby and jacquard looms. In addition, they are mostly checked and feature single or double layers. They are also preferred because of their lightweight.

Wool Blanket

Wool blankets are preferred more because it is beneficial for our health. Angora, lamb, cashmere, and camel feathers are used to produce such wool. Wool blanket features such as temperature control and water vapor absorption provide a more relaxing sleep. Wool blankets also support regular heartbeats.

Fleece Blanket

A circular knitting system is used in fleece blankets produced by using fleece fiber. Nowadays, fleece blankets are among the most preferred blanket types because they are light, soft and easy to wash and dry. These blankets are one of the types of blankets decorated with different prints.

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