Let’s face it, mattresses are an expensive investment and they deserve to be protected.



Let’s face it, mattresses are an expensive investment and they deserve to be protected. The same can be said for high-quality pillows that offer the best night’s sleep and provide the appropriate level of neck and spine support.

However, we use our beds for more than sleeping. People watch TV in bed, enjoy a glass of water, engage in adult play time, and sometimes even eat in bed. The last thing that anyone wants is for the lovely gesture of breakfast in bed to turn into a disaster when the juice or coffee spills all over your brand-new mattress.

Moreover, there are plenty of other reasons you’d want to give your mattress some extra protection. Mattresses are a prime candidate for different measure to reduce allergies to dust and other irritants. Furthermore, it seems that more people all over the country are having to deal with bedbugs. Whether they get to your home from a hotel visit, a visiting guest, or through some manner that you can’t even figure out, there’s almost nothing more terrifying to a new mattress owner than the prospect of bedbugs. This is especially true for those who finance their mattress, as they may find themselves making monthly payments on a product that they can no longer use or enjoy

That’s why we’ve included this handy guide to some of our favourite mattress protectors. This guide will tell you the most important notes about the different products while at the same time offering an overall rating and price so you can get an idea of what kind of mattress protector is best for your particular situation.

Whether you’re worried about bed bugs, spilt drinks, food, or other stains, getting the right mattress protector can help increase the working life of your mattress, helping you avoid another expensive purchase for a bit longer.

Protectors & Encasements

Removable mattress covers like protectors and encasements are supremely important to ensure a clean, comfortable and healthy mattress. They protect your mattresses from accidents, spills, pests, allergens – and infestations, yet still allow breathability. Ideal for military housing, shelters, hospitality industries – and well, just about everyone else!

Mix and match with our many available product functionalities. Call us for design specifications and branding assistance.

Mattress & pillow protectors

Our protectors help your mattress and pillows to stay fresher and cleaner for longer, while reducing general wear-and-tear. They’re really convenient to use – quickly removed and fully machine washable. We have a few types of mattress protectors to choose from, including one with a lining that regulates temperature and another that’s waterproof.

Made with a sustainable Comfortline™ top layer, featuring a cool-to-the-touch feel and moisture wicking properties to keep you comfortable all night.

  • The combination of Comfortline™ and our unique Leesa fit helps minimize noise for protection you won’t even know is there.
  • Antimicrobial Silver Product Protection plus 5-sided waterproof protection keeps your mattress fresh and clean night after night.

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