Our Spring Mattress also distribute your weight evenly, so that there’s no extra pressure on any part of your body.

Spring mattresses offer great support by distributing your body weight evenly. You won’t feel too warm either, as the open spring construction allows air to circulate. To find your perfect sleeping solution, choose a firm or medium firm mattress, paired with a slatted bed base or mattress base. Sprung mattresses are very hardwearing, and a mattress topper will both enhance comfort and protect you mattress for years to come.

Upgrade Your Sleep With Layers of Comfortline

If you’ve always loved traditional innerspring mattresses – but you want the added support and comfort of memory foam, the Comfortline products is for you.

Our multi layer soring mattress fuses the springy support of individually-wrapped coils with the plush comfort of gel memory foam.

Experience out-of-this-world comfort, with the best of both worlds.

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